‘Twas just days before Christmas, and all through the land

People grew eager about the travel they planned

The itineraries were complete and organized with care

In hopes they’d arrive safely, with some time to spare


The bags were all packed, ready to be checked

When the weather report spoke of what to expect

“A storm is approaching, heavy wind and snow.

This arctic blast will feel like ten below.”


The children gasped, appearing dismayed

What will happen if the flight is delayed?

“We are well prepared.” Mother said with affection

“We are insured with TripAssure travel protection.”


Waiting at the airport, checked in for the flight

Looking through the windows, all the runways were white

They realized the plans meticulously arranged

Were about to be uncontrollably changed


Now Nashville! Now Tampa! Now Portland and Denver!

Oh Dallas! Oh Charlotte! Oh Phoenix and Pittsburgh!

All flights were delayed, no planes were moving

And three hours passed, no signs of improving


In this moment, they were grateful for travel protection

As they now expected to miss their next flight connection

No need for frustration, mumbling, or a muttered quip

TripAssure would reimburse their costs to catch up to the trip


Knowing they were protected, they put their minds at ease

When a voice on the intercom said the runways might freeze

The delays continued, now up to hour six

Which meant TripAssure benefits were back in the mix


Trip Delay coverage helped to lighten the mood

As it reimburses for lodging, transportation and food

They chose a hotel nearby which was cozy and warm

Where together, more comfortably, they could wait out the storm


All through the night, the weather persisted

Leaving the original travel plans all mixed up and twisted

Their delay was now a twelve hour disruption

Qualifying them for benefits under Trip Interruption


They will be reimbursed for the trip costs that went unused

And for those pre-paid expenses where refunds were refused

This news helped temper any lingering frustration

But they were most pleased with the next part of this narration


Their flights had resumed, they could begin their vacation

But the final plight they encounter defies explanation

They arrive to their family’s home in time for the holidays

And somehow their luggage did not, just to paraphrase


TripAssure was again there for assistance

To reimburse for essential items they needed for existence.

Even beyond reimbursing the replacement items’ cost

Travel protection benefits also cover those items permanently lost


The lessons learned from this tale of winter travel woes

Are the benefits of the travel protection plan they chose

Extra airfare, food, hotel, baggage and belongings are not a sunken expense

Knowing you are protected helps calm what could be intense


So this holiday season, travel safely and protected

Please contact us 24/7, we are always connected

TripAssure wants to protect your next cruise, vacation, or flight



TripAssure Happy Holidays 2017