Travel Protection an Essential When Booking Travel Cyber Monday


The weekend that follows Thanksgiving Day has become infamous for shoppers seeking savings. Black Friday every year sees retailers hosting multitudes, who arrive well before open, sometimes risking physical harm vying for the bargain items. Modern growth of online shopping has solidified Cyber Monday as the second shopping holiday of the season. This day is not limited to online retailers; booking travel on Cyber Monday continues to be an increasing trend. TripAssure reminds those booking trips on Cyber Monday should also book travel protection on that day to get the most value and have the most options.


Too Hasty? Change Your Mind!

Shopping holidays often include time sensitive deals, creating a sense of urgency that may not have been there otherwise. What happens if someone changes their mind? The TripAssure Complete plan offers travelers a way out, for any reason, and be able to recoup 75% of the insured trip cost that was not refunded. To qualify for the Cancel For Any Reason coverage benefit, it is required that the plan be purchased within 15 days of the initial trip deposit date, the full trip cost is insured, and the last opportunity to cancel is two days before the trip. Cancel For Any Reason means exactly what it’s called; the trip can be cancelled without needing to provide an explanation. Cancel For Any Reason is not an optional upgrade that increases the cost of the plan. By meeting those requirements, this benefit is included.

In addition, a plan with Cancel For Any Reason will also include the standard Trip Cancellation benefit. Trip Cancellation reimburses 100% of the trip cost if the reason for cancellation is one of the covered reasons written in the plan documents. So a traveler could claim Trip Cancellation or Cancel For Any Reason, depending on the circumstances of their cancellation.


Pre-Ex for No Additional Cost

Another example of more value at the same cost with TripAssure travel protection plans is the Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver. All three TripAssure plans waive the exclusion for Pre-Existing Conditions if the plan is purchased within 15 days of the initial trip deposit date. This could include a medical need for Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, or Emergency Medical treatment during the trip. Once 15 days has passed, the Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver is no longer available, another reason to book both the trip and the travel protection on Cyber Monday.


The Same Dollar Can Cover More

TripAssure plans are quoted at the same price for the same trip regardless of whether the trip is six months in the future, or departing tomorrow. Knowing it will be the same cost allows travelers to confidently book travel protection early and get the benefits listed above. This also means travelers can insure a longer period of time before the trip against the possibility of needing to cancel.


Waiting Can Mean Too Late

Some travelers aren’t sure whether they want to protect their trip and may delay the decision. The risk involved is that travel protection is able to cover unforeseen events. Once an event has happened, or becomes known, it is too late to purchase travel protection to cover that event. One example is hurricanes and named storms. Once a storm is named, a new travel protection plan will not cover the effects from that named storm. Another common occurrence is an illness in the family causing the need to cancel. If the medical need has been diagnosed, it is too late to purchase travel protection to cover a cancellation due to that medical need. Getting a travel protection plan early means it will be in effect, should you need it.


TripAssure wishes all shoppers the best of luck finding Cyber Monday travel deals! Once you find the trip worth booking, remember to get the additional benefits and longer coverage for the same cost by booking your TripAssure travel protection plan too!


This information is a summary of coverage benefits available with TripAssure travel protection plans. Please refer to the plan documents for details and contact TripAssure with any questions.